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    Allison, Bernard [Highs & Lows]

    Street date: June 10 (LP) / CD available now (lower price). There's nothing like the sound of a world-class bluesman getting back to business. Last October, when Bernard Allison returned to his old haunt of Bessie Blue Studios, Tennessee, to be greeted by fabled producer and reer-long collaborator Jim Gaines, it felt like coming home. And when Allison fired up the amps, counted in the band and embarked upon his latest studio album, "Highs & Lows", everything felt right with the world. For 56 years, music has been Bernard Allison's essence. As the youngest son of the much-missed Chigo bandleader Luther Allison, he was a bluesman from birth, naturally drawn to this ancient music that seemed to heal deep wounds, and held spellbound by early encounters with heavyweights like Muddy Waters, Albert King and Hound Dog Taylor.
    Black Stone Cherry [Live From The Royal Albert Hall Y'all! (2LP)]

    June 24 street date. On September 29, 2021 - the year of the band's 20th anniversary - Kentucky's favorite sons, Black Stone Cherry realized their childhood dream of playing at the legendary Royal Albert Hall, London. And they don't disappoint as they open with the explosive "Me and Mary Jane". From clubs to arenas and Festival hea